Identifying Muscle Synergies from EMG Decomposition: Approaches, Evidence, and Potential Application to Neurorehabilitation


Invited talk

Event: International Conference on NeuroRehabilitation, Toledo, Spain.

Speaker: Andrea d'Avella

Note: Invited talk at post-conference workshop titled "Muscle synergies: from neurophysiological hypothesis to clinical tool"

Abstract: Muscle synergies may simplify healthy motor control by allowing the generation of appropriate motor commands with a small number of parameters. Muscle synergies have been recently identified as basic control modules by decomposing electromyographic (EMG) signals. Here we present two EMG decomposition approaches, we review some of the experimental evidence for muscle synergies deriving from them, and we propose a potential application to neurorehabilitation.



Andrea d'Avella


17 Nov 2012


Toledo, Spain.


Scientific Community

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